Nólsoy, Tórshavn's closest island

As you can see from our title photo, there is a lot to do on Nólsoy, the island to the east of Tórshavn that provides protection for its harbour. You travel here by M/S Ternan and all people that live on the island bring their cars back and forth to the mainland although there is no real road on Nólsoy, only streets. But this way you can show your neighbours when you have purchased a new car. We took Ternan on Saturday afternoon to explore the village and its immediate surroundings to the north. The first thing you notice is the abundance of houses in the older parts of the village that have green doors. Maybee the local store had bought a too large stock...

We did some woollen shopping, buying home knitted socks, mittens and hats, all badly needed in the rather fresh northerly breeze that was blowing across the island. Interestingly you can see films in 3D in front of the mobile cinema on the main square or just rest for a quick bite contemplating the fate of the local hero Ova Joensen who managed to row alone from Nólsoy to Copenhagen in 1986. On the island there is also a guy who has the largest collection of lice in the world (some 270 species), one of which he discovered and that has been named after him. Before getting out on our final hike on this vacation we shot some interesting architectural stuff, none of which we suppose would be considered as particularly attractive by our followers. Enjoy anyway!

Nólsoy like all other islands here are covered by sheep and inhabited by oystercatchers, The Faroe's national bird. The island also has the largest colony of storm petrels in the world, but these birds can only be observed after dark when they come in to land to feed their offsprings.

We took the boat back to Tórshavn in time for dinner and what could be more relaxing than a knitting session with my yarn purchased during a shopping spree the same morning. Stay tuned for more to come!!