My first road trip

Yesterday was my first road trip as a trainee, driving our little BMW i3 electric car about 200 kilometers from Pully and through parts of the Jura mountains north of us and back. Dad was my co-driver and instructor and we had been training every day for the past two weeks, driving around the countryside of our canton and in the Lausanne city centre. I felt ready to climb mountain roads and try to keep up with the speed of surrounding traffic for a whole day. We had charged the battery for a 300 kilometer range so none of us felt any range anxiety. Our first stop after having climbed from 450 to 1200 m altitude was The Grand Hotel in Rasse situated on a natural balcony over the Neuchâtel lake and facing the alpine range of mountains. This kind of hotel is no longer being constructed and I suppose it's difficult to maintain and fill up with the exception of this strange period when people book overnight stays to be able to eat out in their old-fashioned dining room, closed for people from outside. Their terrace was open for us to have a tea while overlooking the hazy landscape in front of us where paragliders circulated. The only person around was a macro photographer on his knees, shooting tiny spiders in the slope below us. The larch trees were still without leaves at this altitude.

Our next stop was the village of St-Sulpice some 30 km east in the innermost part of the Travers valley where the Areuse river has its source. We parked in the centre of the village and walked uphill to the source. This is where Jean-Jacques Rousseau used to come to cool down during hot summer days while living not far away during his escape from the French authorities at the end of the 18th century. Enjoy some intimate shots from our walk.

The source is a small lake with Turner like colors as you can see from the title photo of this post. In this period of scarce precipitation the first part of the Areuse is a quiet, pastoral river floating through St-Sulpice on its ways through the Travers valley to the Neuchâtel lake in Boudry.

We continued our drive eastwards to the village of Noiraigue where we met up with a relic of the past, a 1942 steam train with its cargo of train enthusiast and spectators from near and far. Obviously the Germans did not only produce bombs and canons at that time.

We walked downstream from the village along the Areuse to the canyon that you have already seen several times in past posts while enjoying the frail light green colors of the exploding buds and leaves over the foam of the cascades and the deep green moss on the trees along the water.

It was already mid afternoon and I had to meet up with the 2 A-s at the tennis court in Puidoux at 17.30. We bought some food in the nearest COOP and Dad took over the wheel for the trip back on the free-way since I'm still not allowed to drive on such roads. The tennis courts were now in the open air and we played for a couple of hours before going up to Mont Pelerin for the sun-set over the lake. Stay tuned for more adventures!!