My fifth birthday

My name is Hubertus Balthazar, casually called Hubbe. I'm the oldest of four Basset Hounds in our family and today is my fifth birthday. Mom and Dad had planned to take me and my little brother Carl Douglas to the Swiss Basset Hound Club Autumn meeting close to Berne this morning but I decided travelling 200 kilometres by car was not my favourite occupation this Sunday so I just refused to enter our BMW X5. So Mom and Dad took Carl Douglas and my youngest sister, Matilda to the meeting while I stayed home with Olivia and my sister Massimilla Gioconda, who is one year younger than I. We had a quiet day, mostly indoors, because the temperature outside was close to +30 in the shadow this Indian summer Sunday. When Mom and Dad returned they organised my birthday party with lots of sausages that the four of us shared before this photo shoot on our terrace in the setting September sun. Stay tuned for more from our family.