The second wave of SARS-2 has hit Switzerland particularly hard and we have just passed the peak of the pandemic as the third worst affected country in Europe. So the authorities have closed all bars and restaurants and prohibited gatherings of more than 10 people. In addition you have to wear a mask in public areas with a high density of people and when traveling by public transport. So when the market in central Lausanne is open for business on Saturday mornings, everybody should wear a mask. Over time the ordinary disposable masks are getting outnumbered by more fashionable creations, in particular in the posh district around La Rue du Bourg where all the luxury brands have their shops. Here is a collection of what Dad shot yesterday when he toured the city centre looking for interesting looks and outfits. Perhaps it could inspire others in their search for the perfect pandemic accessory.

These photos were shot with our new Fuji X100V that is really perfect for candid street photography. And we really like Fuji's film simulations. These photos were shot with classic chrome and are JPEG-s straight out of the camera. Stay tuned for more adventures from our masquerade!!



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