Macro magnolias in the morning sun

This morning I took a long walk with our Basset hound Carl Douglas. I brought my Fuji medium format camera with the Laowa 15 mm f4 lens and a shift function. This gives a super wide angle of view and permits taking wide angle macro photos with much greater depth of field than with a regular macro lens and without using focus stacking. In the Pully harbor just downstairs from our house there are a couple of magnolia trees that are in flower just now so what could be a better training object than their magnificent flowers. One needs to be careful of how the background presents since the environment behind the object you are shooting will show up, although out of focus. Below are some examples of my training shots.

The temperature this morning had dropped at least 15 degrees compared to yesterday evening and a chilling bise from northwest was blowing. Stay tuned for more adventures!!