Looking for waterfalls

No we did not use our hot air balloon this Good Friday to travel to the southeastern-most part of the canton of Berne some 200 km from our home in Pully. We were on the road already at 07.30 having about 2.5 hours of driving which got us to the Aare river canyon before the holiday crowds arrived. There is a beautiful waterfall in the middle of the canyon that we wanted to see when the morning sun starts to light up the interior of this deep canyon.

On our way out of the canyon we met the crowds that filled up the passerelles along the river. We were hungry and looked for a grocery store having forgotten which day it was. After having found an open bakery in the town of Meiringen we drove to lake Brienz some 30 km west for a take-out pizza on the northern shores of the lake. Could you really find a place with a better view for your meal??

Our goals for the afternoon were the waterfalls in the Lauterbrunnen valley, leading to the Jungfrau mountain with its famous winter resorts Wengen, Mürren and Grindelwald, still open for skiing. There are in all some 70 waterfalls along this valley. Some of the most spectacular ones are the Trümmelbachfälle, a series of 10 waterfalls within the mountain. You can walk along these cascades inside the mountain with sparse light creating a really mysterious atmosphere. All photos are taken handheld with a 7-14 mm f2.8 lens, without flash thanks to the image stabilization of the Olympus em-1X camera.

It was above 20 degrees outside the cool canyon and crocuses were in flower. We drove by some of the more spectacular waterfalls along the valley, all well over 100 meters in height on our way back home

We were two tired travelers arriving home at sunset after a full day of cascades still ringing in our ears. Tomorrow temperatures will drop markedly and in the middle of next week we expect snow again where we live. Stay tuned for more adventures!!