Looking for spring

This morning Dad drove to Emmenthal some 40 km southeast of our capital Berne while I went for a Covid 19 test having had 6/12 symptoms for the past two days. Since both Mom and Dad have been fully vaccinated I didn't mind catching the virus but for the second time this past year the test came out negative. Dad went to Rämisgumme a hill known for its vast crocus fields. He was about 10 days early with only scarce buds sticking out of the old grass that had been covered with snow only 10 days ago. The view of Emmenthal from above is delicious with many nuances of green. He told me he would return in one to two weeks. Stay tuned for that!

A couple of hundred meters below the peak there were large fields of wild daffodils and a yet another couple of hundred meters further below, the first cowslips were out in masses. He had to stop to shoot one of his favorite animals, two German speaking cocks.

Dad then drove southwards to Kandersteg to catch the train that runs through the Lötschberg tunnel, arriving in Löschental in Wallis where there was still lots of snow and no real sign of spring yet besides skiers in shorts and T-shirts.

Down in the wide valley, the apple and apricot trees were blooming. The wind was strong and it was difficult to use focus bracketing and get focus perfect when shooting wide angle macro.

Hidden under the grey plastic deep in the ground you can find one of the most delicious products grown in this part of Switzerland. It's white with a violet tip. Guess what is really worth waitng for. It's on sale from early May at the same time as the first strawberries.

Back home, our fruit trees were blooming since yesterday and the first leaves on our Kiwi tree had exploded over night. The black olives are from last year. I should have harvested them just when they started to turn dark last December. Stay tuned for more adventures!!