Like in a mirror - juxtapositions in nature

The past week-end was the final realization of our latest "architectural" project at EPFL, the construction of a self-supporting mirror system to be installed along the Rhône river in Onex, one of the suburbs of Geneva. We have already spent considerable time there with my two friends Julie and Amandine for other projects, and now had to build and set up our masterpiece. We had been given scrap wood and could only use this and screws of a predefined size to make our construction. Luckily we did not have to bring all the materials by train and the city bus to Onex. Dad drove me, the materials and tools in our Mercedes camper van and accompanied us to check that we did not hurt ourselves. For some of us it was the first time to have put a drill bit in a chuck, use a screw clamp and a leveling instrument. We did however learn quickly but had been slightly optimistic as regards the time it would take. So I had to finish the job in our van late on Saturday night after we had taken Julie and Amandine to their respective homes.

I had to go back to the building site with the finished installation early yesterday morning to check that everything worked as projected and take photographs in preparation for our public presentation of the project this Monday morning. Dad and I arrived just before sunrise and carried all our stuff down to the installation site overlooking the Rhône through the mist and then started to shoot in the rising sunlight.

It was close to 10 a.m. when we had finished and taken a last couple of photos of the area before driving the 80 kilometers back home to Pully. Wish me luck for the presentation the starts today at 12.30. And stay tuned for more adventures!!