It doesn't get greener than this

After his sailing shooting Dad continued north from the city of Biel up into the mountains in the canton of Jura. This is a mountain ridge that stretches along the northwestern border of Switzerland with France from Geneva to Basel so several cantons share this beautiful natural resource. The goal for the afternoon hike was the Pichoux canyon where hundreds of little sources emerging in the porous mountain join forces and create the river Sorne that runs northwards to join the Birse river and finally reaches the Rhine in Basel. I think you agree that the green colors are greener than you would normally see in nature, even at this time of the year. And no, it's not the result of post processing of the photos. Thick moss covered many trees inside the canyon.

At the northern end of the Pichoux canyon there is a bronze foundry where you can order your garden statues. Anything appears possible. Stay tuned for more strange things from Switzerland!!




The colors are crazygreen 😃