In the scarecrow capital

The village of Denens just northwest of the city of Morges in our canton is known basically for two things, the castle with its wine production and maybe more importantly, its scarecrow festival where the winner was crowned yesterday. This competition is on for about 2 weeks in mid August each year and collects some 70 contributions from all parts of society, be that local or external, old or young. These are exposed throughout the village of some 750 inhabitants and attract numerous visitors from all over. Last Wednesday evening we went to Denens to have a look. It was our first visit to this festival and there were lots of ingenious scarecrows on display. We still have not been able to find out which was the winning one but encourage you to tell us which of the some 25 we show you in this post that you like the most. As you can see below, even the insudustrial services of the village are involved...

And to end this post from the lake, which of the scarecrows we have presented you with do you think we liked the most? Next week I'll work at a sheep farm in the mountains above the city of Bex. Mom is already upset that I will smell when getting back home next Saturday. Stay tuned!!