In the capital of weird bicycles.

I think that all of you who have visited Amsterdam agree with me that this city is the capital of the bicycle, in particular in its weirdest forms and that you permanently risk to be run over if not paying close attention to the unwritten laws of the city. Dad went there on Sunday of the Geneva dog show for his annual visit to the METS, the world's most important marine trade show that is on during three days the third week of November each year. You may wonder for which reason; well besides being a doctor he also builds carbon fibre trimarans and has lots of friends with whom to socialise for a couple of days. I will let him tell his own story.

Sunday night was dark and rainy like most of my 20+ previous November visits to Amsterdam. However the night shots of the canals were as beautiful as ever walking to my favourite french bistro close to the Sebastian's hotel where I stay if they happen to have a vacancy.

The rain continued to pour down on Monday morning so it was a good idea to visit the Rijksmuseum which presents a separate exhibition of Rembrandt, Velazquez and several of their artist friends from the 17th century. It was truly magnificent and you certainly recognise some of their most well known paintings. I have tried to show you a collection of paintings that truly represents the era and the bourgeoisie of the time. I didn't leave the museum until the end of the afternoon.

Now, this group of party-goers was not painted until about 200 years later...

I left the exhibition with a fond memory of the painting by Franz Hals below.

Outside it was almost dark but the bicycles lit up the streets and I even managed to catch some bicyclists on the go...

Stay tuned for what happened next!



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