From autumn to summer to winter and back

It was Sunday morning after a short night and we were in the train from Gornergrad to Zermatt where we landed after 40 minutes and made our way uphill to Winkelmatt to catch the Gondola for Schwarzsee and Trockener Steg where you change to a brand new luxury gondola with heated seats.These were welcome because when we arrived at Klein Matterhorn, the highest ski area in Europe at over 3800 m altitude, it was -3 so I put on my orange hat in the bright sunshine and strong winds. Dad was still wearing his shorts after having slept less than two hours the past night when he had been up shooting mountains in the moonlight. On the way up to Klein Matterhorn we passed the real Matterhorn, abandoned farmhouses and mighty glaciers that regularly give off giant chunks of ice due to the ever increasing temperatures, even at high altitude. Zermatt was far below us.

The slopes on the glacier are rather gentle but this did not prevent skiers from many nations to have come for their autumn training camps. We were glad to return to the summer heat in the village but not until we had stopped for a late lunch at the Schwarzsee lift station. We were back at our hotel in time for dinner ,again passing by Zermatt. Stay tuned for our last posts from Zermatt, the contents of which will certainly depend on the weather forecast that is not good for the coming 12 hours.



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