Five stars in Berlin or three in Heidelberg, which was best?

This is the view we had when leaning backwards while dining in the courtyard of our five start hotel in Berlin on Wednesday night before moving on to Hedelberg on Thursday morning. The dining experience was disappointing with uncooked fish and potatoes from last year, not really expected from a restaurant in a five start hotel. What we imagined would be a cozy boutique hotel was indeed a soulless place decorated more for visitors from the Middle East or German business tycoons than to our taste. Compare the exteriors of our two hotels. In Hedelberg (right) we were under the roof of a three star hotel in a building from the 18th century, overlooking the market place in the old town and with the Heidelberg castle "hanging" over us.

I think you agree our room in Heidelberg (right) was the cosiest of the two. The bathrooms were comparable but possibly somewhat less elegant but with more amenities I Heidelberg. Tell us which of the two you prefer.

The quality of the breakfast was higher in Berlin but the note was quickly reduced when I discovered lots of weevils and their larvae in my granola bowl. In summary we gave our hotel in Berlin 3/5 in our Google review and that in Heidelberg 5/5. It did help somewhat that the cost in Heidelberg was half that in Berlin.

On Friday morning we were early out of Heidelberg to complete our trip to the Faroe islands. We had another 450 kilometres home and did a quick stop at the Paul Klee museum in Berne, not to visit the exhibitions, that will be for a rainy day, but to have lunch in their nicely decorated restaurant. It was great to see Mom and our four Basset Hounds once back home. We will probably not be back on nouw for a while, since we probably have exhausted both our followers and ourselves with almost daily posts. Stay tuned anyway!!