Dogs are us

A little after 6 a.m. this Friday morning Mom and Dad left with Carl Douglas and Quanta Mathilda for the international dog show in Geneva. I'll let Carl Dlouglas tell you about the adventure of the day.

They woke us up far too early this morning and did not even give us breakfast before shovelling us into our cages in the trunk of Dad's BMW X5. One hour later we parked in the garage of the Palexpo and could finally leave for an unknown future. To make Mom really happy both Mathilda and I took a big crap on the garage floor. She only had one plastic bag into which she managed to accommodate what we had left behind. Dad had installed our temporary home at the wrong ring of course but after some exchange of ideas we got everything fixed 10 min before our "cat-walk". Contrary to our big brother and sister neither Mathilda nor I mind cats. Mom ran off to buy cat-walk leashes that neither she nor we had tried on before so there had to be some improvisation. Things did not go too badly; I placed second and Mathilda won her class and Mom collected beautiful diplomas. Check on the photos below and above how well behaved we were.

We then moved over to the ring for the afternoon competition, where we were given our brunch followed by a long nap in our private dog house. Dad went off on a candid photo tour. He will tell you all about it.

As our followers may have noticed, I like to take shots of dogs and their owners that look alike. There was less of such couples this year, but I think you will enjoy some of those we met.

As usual there was a fair amount of grooming, not only of dogs but also of handlers. They should be outlawed!!

I was really unable to count the number of dog races on show so I'll only show you some of the extremes we met.

We even found one dog who taught his owner how to post pictures on Instagram...

The afternoon show was not really a success for Carl Douglas, Mathilda and Mom, who almost cried when Mathilda refused to enter the ring for her show. It took several hours before Mathilda finally decided to walk back to our car for the return trip to Pully. Stay tuned for our next adventure that starts on Sunday...



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