Details from the world's smallest capital

This morning we were up early having a long breakfast and then walking from our hotel through this country's only forest in the direction of downtown T, lying east of where we stay. In the western part of town there are some modern houses that still feature grass on their roofs. Naturally you need access to your roof-top garden if you have a flat roof. The old part of town along with the ministerial buildings are all concentrated to a small area close to the commercial harbour. Interestingly, all shops except food stores open first at 11, explaining why the town was virtually empty this chilly Monday morning.

Some brave inhabitants have equipped their facade with climbing buttons. Are they there for getting in or out of their house you ask yourself. We walked by some take out places for exotic food, closed on Mondays and Tuesdays. There was no doubt where the local dentist lived.

It's easy to look in and out of many houses. While approaching the old part of town there are interesting gates and windows that shield the inhabitants from being observed from passers-by in the narrow streets.

The administrative center of this country lies on the water and we couldn't see a single guard protecting the different ministries. The old center with its mini-houses are all cramped on a small hilltop nearby.

And if you ever sit down on a bench to rest your tired feet, don't forget to take off your shoes. So where are we??