Chasing narcissi.

May is the month when the narcissi are out in masses in the alpine meadows above the cities of Montreux and Blonay in the easternmost part above Lake Geneva, called the Riviera because of its tropical microclimate. I joined Dad for a photo trip to Les Pleiades, a small village of mostly secondary homes, lying on a shelf at 1400 m altitude. When you look down towards lake Geneva it's all white and green. We went to Les Pleiades via the posterior road from Châtel-St-Denis, using a narrow path where two cars couldn't meet. In the deep forest there were large fields of ramsons, also called Bear's garlic, with their beautiful white flowers.

On the alpine meadows above Les Pleiades we found a rich plant life with these beautiful white flowers and their little visitor.

From the road we took to Les Pleiades there were wonderful views of the mountains and valleys south of us.

The village of Les Pleiades was full of visitors that had come to pick narcissi, like this couple that had taken the train from Vevey down on the riviera. This train runs between lake Geneva and Gstaad and we really recommend you to take this trip a day with nice weather if you plan to visit this region of Switzerland.

Wherever you looked around, the fields were filled with white masses of narcissi. Enjoy what we saw through our lenses!

When the thunder and rain showers started over the French alps in a distance we decided to return home. We wish you welcome back to our next adventure. Stay tuned!!



It's a very beautiful photo. I really want to travel
Just look for what is present close to where you live and you will be suprised...
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