Buzzards in the air

Today was an outing to re-train shooting shy birds in flight. Dad took his Olympus em-1X with its longest lens that has an angle of view of 600 mm in full format terms and did some hand-held shooting of our local buzzards. These birds can be seen in the countryside all around town and are sometimes looking for prey even above our garden usually from a height of 100-200 m. As soon as they observe you, like when you get out of your car, they will fly away. So most of the shots were taken through the open window of our car. It's unusual to observe them from above but when shooting from a hilltop you may get a glimpse of the upper wing surface.

Next time we'll put the camera on a sturdy tripod because with cropping like we had to do, camera shake will be less visible. Stay tuned for our next Friday adventure at 2800 m altitude in one of the most magic places in Switzerland. However, if the weather is bad, there will be no adventure that day.