Birds along the route

Just after 10 a.m. yesterday Sunday we passed the Shetland islands after about 22 hours at sea in stormy conditions that we met at Lindesnes the southwestern outpost of Norway. I did not really feel too well but managed to have a veggie dinner that the ship's cook had prepared for me. We had another 10 hours ahead of us in decreasing wind strength. At the Shetlands you have your first encounter with the rich bird life of these islands. Mostly gannets and fulmars make it out to the passing ships. Dad pulled out his longest lens and sat down in a protected corner on the 8th deck to shoot some of these magnificent flyers.

And how about showing you some more bird shots from this Monday afternoon to complete the series, this time geese and a little oystercatcher. By now you should know where we are. If not we'll be back with a report from our Monday morning visit to this country's capital, the smallest in the world. Stay tuned!!