Better footwear, less water, more ice

Yesterday's outing was to the same two cascades I visited two weeks ago. It had stopped raining a week ago and temperatures had dropped significantly. This morning it was minus 8C so I brought my Canadian winter Wellingtons, still fearing there might be rough hiking conditions. When parking my car a couple of kilometres from the violent cascade in the Orbe river close to Vallorbe I could not hear the sounds of running water like last time and indeed, what a contrast! Just for fun I have picked a couple of our previous photos for comparison. This is looking up and down from the bridge suspended above the cascade.

The entrance to the tunnel below the cascade was partly obstructed by mighty ice stalactites and I could now shoot from downstream the waterfall without being soaked. The water level in the river had sunk by well over a meter.

It was peaceful and the sun was shining from the pale blue St Valentine sky. It was time to hike back to the car and drive the 10 kilometres to the Nozon river to check out if everything had frozen. Oh yes, the ice stalactites were even mightier here, hanging over the little river on its way to the cascade, now partly frozen and spreading freezing mist all around the canyon.

I was glad having put on my Wellingtons because here there was almost as much mud as last time. Stay tuned for more from wintery Switzerland.