Back to the tennis court with the 2 A-s

The 2 A-s are Antoine and Arthur, friends from high school that I meet with on a regular basis. This past Saturday they had invited me to play tennis with them. It was at least five years ago that I played last time, but like biking it came back quite rapidly. I took the opportunity to drive our car with Dad sitting beside me the 10 kilometers that separate the indoor court in Paudex from our house. Quite an adventure for someone who started to train driving a car a week earlier Our little electric BMW is actually quite easy to drive with quick acceleration and a small turning radius. Dad said he was not the least scared despite the many hairpin curves we went through on our way to Paudex.

Dad had brought his camera to do some shooting when we played. I think you agree there were really three different styles on display. First Antoine who plays like a ballet dancer, not only with his racket but also using his tongue and a particularly shrewd use of the two middle fingers on his left hand.

Arthur came dressed as a real tennis champion and spent more time in the air than on the ground. He had also worked his muscles before our session as you can see from his meticulously sculptured arms and legs.

I was certainly leaving the ballet and jumping styles to my friends. I'm still not back to my old tennis style but that will certainly not take a lot of time to recover. My old double handed backhand was still scoring points and my forehand with top spin was a killer. Stay tuned for more adventures.