An inspiring day

Yesterday was one of the best days since a long time. Dad was on vacation since it was Wednesday and we drove together to Saint-Ursanne in the depth of the Jura mountains north of Biel some 120 kilometers from where we live. I was going to have my first weaving course with Liselotte Pfirter who has her studio and shop in the middle of the old village where she gives courses to those interested in this classic art form. Interestingly, all her tools and materials were from Sweden, here considered as the Mecca of weaving. On the road to Saint-Ursanne we made a brief stop at the Pichoux canyon where we were all alone. The water was not as green as last time since there was a lot of water after the rain that has been pouring down since several days. There was a thin mist over the water and the flowers were particularly beautiful after the rain.

We had a quick bite on fresh wild trout before my course started at 2 p.m. Dad went off for more canyon exploration in Perrefitte some 30 kilometers away, discovering yet another pleasant hike upstreams under a changing sky.

I had finished my course a little before 5 p.m. and was quite proud of my achievement. What do you think? My teacher gave me lots of compliments which is encouraging for a beginner. I will certainly come back to her in the fall to learn more. Stay tuned!