Alpine flowers

The best weather to photograph flowers is when it's overcast. Last Wednesday Dad missed his hike to the Trifti hang bridge, the longest in Switzerland, because of a car on fire in a tunnel on his road to take the little cabin up the mountain and then hike up the mountain for another 4 hours including the return to take the lift down again. So he decided to take the lift up and then walk downhill for 3 hours to get back to the parking. If he had managed to reach the bridge he would not have been down until around 9 p.m., far too late since heavy rain was expected for the late afternoon. So he took his Fuji medium format camera with its 120 mm macro lens and a tripod to shoot some alpine flowers in the flat light produced by a grey sky. Unfortunately, there is always some wind in the mountains so it was impossible to shoot multiple photos for focus stacking. Still the color richness and beauty of alpine flowers during the month of June is really worth showing our botanically interested followers. As you can see, there were an abundance of visitors to these flowers besides Dad, like ants, spiders, flies and wasps. Enjoy and stay tuned for more from our beautiful nature !