A study of a medieval city

The small city of Sait-Ursanne was named after an Irish monk, Ursicinus who had to leave his country that did not really respect free speech in the seventh century. He ended up in the now Swiss part of the Jura mountains and this past Saturday I went there with Dad for a cultural-architectural-photo shoot visit. If there were any tourists, they were few, all German speaking and very discrete. This medieval city, situated in the river Doubs valley, is presently being thoroughly renovated so many streets were torn up in preparation for the tourist season. I was particularly interested in visiting a local weaver to learn if she would be prepared to teach me the basis of this art form. Follow us on a tour of the old parts of the town and experience the beauty of the medieval architecture. In the title photo you can see Urcinus rest in his hermit cave 190 steps above the imposing church and monastery buildings.

On the road to Sait-Ursanne we made a stop at the Friedrich Dürrenmatt museum above the city of Neuchâtel but that we will tell you all about in a future post. Stay tuned till then!!




What a beautiful city 😊