A road trip through Jutland - Part II - the mid & northern parts

There are always surprising things that happen when you travel without really fixed plans. One such encounter was the church in Hjerting where we passed by leisurely. The bell tower, looking like a modern light house lying close to the ocean caught our eyes and made us stop for a visit that became much longer than initially planned. In particular the inside light and the choice of materials were gorgeous and inviting even for our agnostic souls...

Before crossing Jutland from the west coast towards east-northeast I had planned to visit a small museum for contemporary art run by the curator and artist Lisbeth Hermansen. It's hosted in a previous evangelist little chapel that looks like nothing and is located just south of the shores of the Limfjord. Lisbeth has bought half a village in the area where she lets her artist friends come and live for a while while she serves as the sherif in town, even dressing up in then appropriate attire. She is a great entertainer and the museum is very interesting because all well known Danish artists have donated one of their pieces to the museum's permanent exhibition. Enjoy some of the many creations.

The nearby church looked like a patchwork under the menacing skies. It was time to say good bye and head towards our goal for the night.

We passed the night in a pleasant Danish small village Kro in Aalbek just south of Skagen, having a delicious dinner that made up for the previous evening's catastrophe. As usual we had early breakfast and were off to one of our two main goals for the day, Grenen the top of Jutland where two seas meet violently. This Saturday the wind over the Skagerrak to the north and west was blowing from southwest whereas that over the Kattegat in the east was blowing from southeast. Obviously the currents and wave collisions were violent in front of our eyes looking north.

A little later when all the visitors we had avoided were coming towards us from Skagen we left to continue our adventure, this time driving southwest to catch our boat towards the north. Guess where. You will certainly understand when you have read our next post coming soon. Stay tuned!!