A not so boring Thursday

This Thursday morning we woke up to a thin layer of fresh snow covering our apple flowers and wild strawberry plants in the garden. Both Dad and I are on vacation this week. I'm studying for my driving permit exam tomorrow so Dad went by himself for an excursion of our region bringing a couple of cameras and lenses. He was on the hunt for buzzards finding some of these shy birds not far away looking for prey from far above. On the way to his preferred observation site he passed by the old part of our town with flowers decorating the stone walls around the city vineyard.

Just below the Tours de Gourze about 1000 m above sea level he observed the first buzzards.

In the late afternoon he stopped at one of his favorite photo shoot sites overlooking the vineyards of Lavaux. He planned to do some late evening photography over the freeway and railroad to catch the light trails. I suppose he was surprised that one of his spectators was caught in a long exposure frame.

The donkey Gaspard tried in vain to eat my camera strap said Dad. Tomorrow is the great day and I hope to pass the exam and start driving with Dad. Stay tuned!!