A contrasting Saturday

The skies were light blue without a single cloud and it was close to noon when I drove up through the Hérmence valley towards the village of Vex. A couple of kilometres further south I turned left and drove down the winding and narrow road towards the tiny hot spring of Combioula. The snow had moved out and been replaced by the first spring flowers including a lonely wild strawberry leaf. The little river running through the hot spring was only half full of water, too cold to test.

I had brought a tripod to preserve the moment of taking my first outdoor bath for the season. It was 15 degrees in the air and around 30 in the spring water. The camera self timer gave me 12 seconds from leaving the safe shore to greet you in a relaxed manner sitting on the sand in the little spring pool. Only the birds could observe what a nude old white guy looks like. Enjoy!!

The weather forecast for the afternoon was awful with a severe storm predicted to roll in from the west. On the northern side of the Wallis valley is the posh resort of Crans-Montana and a little before arriving there you pass the village of Lens where a new private museum for contemporary art was inaugurated in 2018. That looked like an excellent Saturday afternoon project. The museums in Switzerland were allowed to reopen on March 1st and The Opale Foundation museum in Lens features an exhibit of Aboriginal art that really blew me off. Traditional and contemporary sculptures and paintings were mixed and parallels drawn to pieces of contemporary arts from other parts of the world. If you download the application "Smartify" on Apple store you can scan the paintings and sculptures that I present you below and read about them and the artists. The entrance to the museum is very discrete and you have to park almost a kilometre away and walk downhill to reach the venue, but it was all worth the effort of walking back uphill to my car in beating rain and storm winds.

The museum has its western facade constructed all in glass, facing a pond. The black skies of the late afternoon predicted what was to come. Stay tuned for more adventures!!