A close encounter with the highest waterfall in Switzerland

Today was the day to see the Engstligenfälle, the highest waterfall in Switzerland, 415 m from top to bottom. I stayed home for an exam on Zoom so Dad had to go without me, first driving to Adelboden and from there taking off for the waterfall in the inner end of a valley surrounded by mountains peaking at almost 3000 m. The closer you get to this cascade regarded as one of the most impressive ones in continental Europe, the less you see of the broad upper part. Unfortunately, the gondola that takes you up to above the waterfall is not operational until June 12 and Dad did not have the courage to hike the 600 m vertical drop to the upper lift station on a path that is really very steep. It was enough to hike up to the top of the lower portion of the cascade in the dense water mist completely soaking him and the camera that fortunately was more water proof than his clothes. Was it worth it? Of course!!

In the dense pine forest below the waterfall it was quiet and the first spring flowers proudly stood for the photographer. A delicious Rösti with Spiegeleier consumed with a cold beer and facing the entire waterfall was the perfect end of this memorable trip. Stay tuned for more!!