A black crow and a bright moon

This morning we trained shooting flying and sitting craws using our 300 mm f4 Olympus lens with an added 1.4x teleconverter. The focal length on the Olympus em-1X was thus 420 mm which with a crop factor of 2 corresponds to the same angle of view as that of a 840 mm lens on a full frame camera. We still have a bit of problem with sharpness shooting hand held unless the bird is sitting still.

Just after sunset, the bright moon came up from the east so we took the 300 mm lens with an added 2.0 teleconverter and got a real nice photo of our closest "planet". The angle of view was thus the same as that of a 1200 mm lens on a full frame camera. Of course we used a tripod and the 12 sec self timer function to avoid camera shake. For those interested, the shutter speed was 1/60 sec, f8 and iso 200.

We'll be back in a couple of days when the moon is full and if the sky is still clear over Switzerland.

Stay tuned !!



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