1000 meters too many

This impressive suspension bridge, the longest in the world, was our goal for this past Wednesday hike. It was put in place over three days in 2017, high above the village of Randa in the valley leading up to Zermatt in the canton of Wallis. The hike is short but steep, 1000 m vertical drop over 4.5 kilometers and the same back to Randa. Facing the village is the mighty Weisshorn with its glacier.

There were lots of interesting insects accompanying us and taking some time to photograph them relieved the pain of the constant 20% slope ahead of us.

We were finally up, 1000 m above our departure. The bridge was swinging slowly in the wind and the view of Weisshorn was mind boggling. None of us was really scared to take the 500 m walk across the stony valley 85 meters below

Our descent back to Randa from the other side of the bridge was uneventful and definitely less complicated than the ascent had been, sometimes reminding us of summers in the Stockholm archipelago but with larch in stead of pine trees.

Next week we will have another adventure period coming up some 2500 kilometers north of our present location. All we can tell you at this time is that we will see you back from a place in the middle of the North Atlantic. Stay tuned!!