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So this is where the story begins.

In Helsinki on a warm and sunny Saturday in July 2017.

The idea of the Travelling Story Book came to me one morning a few weeks ago, and now I´m sitting here, writing the first pages. So, what happened a few weeks ago, one might ask.... Well, as on any other day I was cursing the morning traffic, standing in an overcrowded bus on my way to work, and I just started dreaming of all the places I would rather be than on that bus.

I fantasied about all the adventures I could be having and all the stories I would have to take with me back home. I don´t know about you, but I really enjoy listening to other peoples stories about where they have been and the places they´ve seen. About their lives overall.

I then realized that there has to be millions of untold stories out there. People traveling the world or making their way through life. People and stories I know nothing about.

. . . and since I´m stuck in a bus, heading for an office, and then back home to two small children, I won´t be hearing any of those stories anytime soon. But what if the stories could be told and brought back to me somehow??

The idea of the Travelling Story Book hit me, but I was sceptical.... Would it work? Would people really take the time to write things down? Will a small book survive out there without being lost or destroyed and if, then would it ever make it´s way back here again? Well, we won´t know unless we try, right?!

So here we are... the first pages have been written.

Let´s see where this will take us!


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TravellingStoryBook, About

Yes, YOU!

So glad picked me up!

This is the Traveling Story Book and we want these pages to be filled with stories from around the world, especially your stories!

So take us with you! Let us see the World! Share your day with us! Share your story!

Who are you? Where are you from? Where are you going?

What are your dreams? Who do you love? What makes you smile? :)

If we would visit this place or your city, what would you have us see or do?

Keep us with you for a while, we are in no hurry! Let us hear your stories!

And when you are done with us, leave us for a new adventure, another story. But please do not the destroy the book. See, we would love for the books to find their way back one day to share all the stories with us.

When you find us or share your story with us, let the world know! Share your picture on Instagram with the tag @travellingstorybook and/or the #travellingstorybook.

"the journey of a thousand miles and a hundred pages begins with a single step and a single story"