So on my very last day in Hong Kong I decided to see some more temples since they are so fascinating to me. First I went to the oldest temple in Hong Kong which was called Man mo temple. I wasn't super impressed since it was very small and sooo smoky from all the incense that they burn in the temple. I know it's very sacred and stuff but gosh. What a bad headache I got.... Haha where was the fire alarm?? Haha

Then I walked around downtown, doing sim window shopping. I couldn't but anything since my bag is already on maximum weight... Haha but I bought just some small souvenirs that don't weigh anything.

Then I took the train north to go to Wong Tai Sin temple which was AMAZING!! I got it suggested to me from one of guys we had dinner with the night before!! It was so beautiful and so peaceful. I think that's why I love temples, it's always peaceful and harmonic.
Then I walked to a Nunnery that was close by. That was cool too.
I was just sooo tired in my legs, so I didn't want to walk a lot. I looked On "health" on my phone which keeps a track of how many steps and how much you walked during your days and the day before when I did all my hikes. I walked 30 km!!!!! So yes my legs were pretty tired... Haha

Then I got home again around 6pm and I went to check in my bag which you can do at the train station. So convenient!! My flight wasn't until midnight but this was I didn't had to carry my bag on the train later that night!! Perfect. Then I went to buy some Dim Sum for Ale who was the guys I stay with. Haha get they looked hilarious with their faces. Although later when I opened it I thought they looked like boobs.., I though that was even more hilarious. hahah and lucky he thought so too. Haha

Then we hung out til 9.30 ish when I had to walk to the station.

Some thing I've loved about being in Asia (I hope this won't sound too bad) is that I AM TALL HERE!!!! Haha I am 1.60 m and 5.3 feet and I've always been one of the shorter people but here, I'm literally looking over everyone's heads. I don't know, I've just loved that. Haha bad... And I'm also super tan here. The ding is that Asians want to be as pale as possible and are always covering themselves with long selves and hats and umbrellas. So I've been so tan here too. Haha

Something I really reacted on here though, is that they don't know anything about personal space... Haha i don't know, maybe it's just me being Scandinavian where we have a lot of personal space, but just on the train or on an escalator and stuff like that! Or just waiting in line!! I don't mind when I see that the train is super crowded because then you have to be close but I mean when you are on an escalator or in line somewhere and you can feel someone breathing in your neck!!!! Haha like really!?!?

But I've really enjoyed my time in HK. Where I stayed for the first 4 nights was totally different form the HK island where I was the last 2 nights. I enjoyed both sides but HK island is a little better for being a tourist and to live.

I have about 50 min til I land in London. Wow almost home.. Crazy.. We departed at 00.30 and I don't even remember taking off. I fell asleep as soon as I got to my seat (window seat) and I slept for about 6h. Which meant I missed the dinner they served and I just got fed breakfast. The thing is that when I woke up after 6 h. I had SUCH. Stomach ache.... It was horrible... I couldn't stand or sit or do anything.... The attendants for worried too. (Sorry) but I couldn't vomit either since I hadn't eaten anything since 5pm the day before. So we figured later on that that was why I was in such pain. I hadn't eaten in 17h... So I got some Ginger ale since I didn't feel like eating since I was in pain, and that did help actually. And then now 2 h later I got some omelette and that helped. Thank good.
I was started to think that it might had been the 4 sausages I had for dinner the night before.. Haha. I don't like to spend money on food... Im so bad at that.. I need to be better and understand that I do need food too... But everything is better now!!
The only movie I watched in the plane was Minions. Haha

Now I will have about 3h at Heathrow before going home! :) (hope my bag is with me)

My Chinese year sigh. Rooster. Haha woohoo

This is the Nunnery

Faces on boobs.... Haha sorry.. It's just my bad humor

And for you guys who wonder how I managed to get around here in Hong Kong... So take this road sign for example. I had my map with Chinese street names so all I did was trying to compare the signs and see if they matched the ones on my map, this one for example... I looked that the last sign and though - oh this one has 3 signs and then a snail at the end. It must be this one.

So yes I got lost so many times.... Haha but it was such a fun experience!!

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The D day is here. Last day in my travel. I'm flying out of here at midnight tonight...

But I have had an amazing time here in Hong Kong. I don't think I will come back soon but it was great being here! I've done and seen so much. I love the Chinese culture with the temples and their believes and all. I might even go to another temple today. I was first thinking about going over to Macau which is another territory of China, just like Hong Kong but I'm a little scared that something will go wrong on the ferry or customs and I might miss my flight...

But for these last days I've been here in the Hong Kong island. I've been hanging at a few rooftops with my friend I'm staying at. The drinks are sooo expensive here but too goo to be true... Haha

And then yesterday I went out in the early morning to go to the eastern part of this land and hiking the Dragons back. It's was soooo freaking hot but it was so worth it. I was sweaty so much since it's like 30 degrees and humid. You are literally wet everywhere. Haha but the dragons back was so nice and such a great view from up there. Th hike took about 2 h and then I went back into town again to walk up to the Victoria Peak which has an amazing view of the city. And since I'm so freaking stubborn I decided to WALK up to the peak. But holy moly... It was about 2h to get up there and JUST uphill. And not a small uphill.... And I didn't bring any water since I drank it all on my first hike. You can see on a picture below how I looked. Everyone I met they took the tram up there and I think they were all laughing at me. Sweat was literally exploding out of me.. Haha I don't think I've been that exhausted and sweaty in my life. But as soon as I got up there it was amazing. It was very foggy though... But still amazing. Then the walk down only took an hour... Haha and th I got back around 7pm and j was exhausted, but then the guy I'm staying at suggested to get some food and drinks with his friend and who am I to turn down that offer. Haha so we went out again after a cold shower and didn't come back until later.

So now I have packed my bag. 20kg again.. I don't know how I do it?? Now I have removed all of my towels and sheets and it's still 20kg??? Haha
I'm so excited actually to come home and unpack and don't live from a backpack anymore... Haha
I land tomorrow at 1pm!!!

Tai chi

New sunglass fashion??

My eyes are saying - come and kill me. Haha



These last two days I've been pretty much walking around doing some shopping, although, Hong Kong isn't the greatest city for shopping... It's almost the same price like back in Sweden and there aren't a lot of store I would like to shop in.. Most shops are like chancel, Dior ect.. And the markets they have here doesn't have clothes and only have like fake brand things. Bags, watches.. But yesterday I found some stuff from American eagle. I got everything on sale so it was a bargain. I also hung out in the park which is right next to my hostel and is called Kowloon park and it's really nice in there. Tai chi is very popular here so there are sooo Many people practicing it in the park. Both young and old. It's suppose to be really good for your body and not just for defense.

Today I went up to Mong Kok which is suppose to be like an older version of Hong Kong and it's was. Everything was so dirty and old. It was quite cool though! And I got to buy some face masks which I'm excited to try. I also went into a food market and it was quite disgusting, just look at the pictures.. Haha they were cutting meat on the floor.. Haha

Then I took the train to Hong Kong island and as soon as I got off the train in knew why everyone said Hong Kong is like NYC. Everything was so much nicer and more expensive of course.. Like where the wealthy people stay.. Haha
I went to Kings park which was really nice. And then j walked around for about 2 h trying to find Urban outfitters but I gave up..
Then I walked to the botanical garden where they day some birds and monkey!! I felt so sorry for the poor monkey :/...

Then I walked down to Soho which is "the" place to be.. And then I found the famous enough Mid- level escalator which is suppose to be the longest in the world... Hash yeah right.. It was long though... Haha

So today has been a long but great day! Tomorrow I'm checking out from my hostel and I'm going to stay with two guys I met in Melbourne. The live on the island. 

Oh and just so you guys know. It's sooooo freaking hot here. The temp only says like 28 but it's sooo humid, it's crazy!! Even more than Cairns... You literally just want to get into a store with aircon.... Haha sweating much???? 

In Kowloon park

Oh and I almost forgot (sometime it's really really good to take pictures of your food) look what I found and ate yesterday. These are called Dim sum and is like a dumpling. I found these in Instagram and wanted to check them out since they have faces!!!! Haha. I just got these three and with meat inside of it. You could also have gotten som chocolate ones and just some sweet ones. Cool huh??

Oh and I went to the "walk of fame" haha but instead of stars like they have in LA they had hand prints. I only knew two of all the handprints. Haha

Oh and last night I got to watch this. I know it's bad but I haven't had wifi in sooo long and the wifi in my hostel is sooo good. Haha

And this is my oatmeal with chocolate.. I have this for breakfast everyday since I don't know what else to eat. In the stores they only have Asian nudges which they eat for breakfast too,.. Haha

Oh and this is from the market today.. Ewwww

This is mong Kok. Very old and totally different from the island.

And this is fRom Hong Kong island... Quite a difference

Do you guys see the small little spot on the rock? Well it's the super tiny baby tortoise on the picture below



I arrived to Hong Kong yesterday after an awesome flight. I got two seats just to myself and the food was really good actually ( I might just have been hungry but still). I watched a few movies like Fast and furious 7. Hunger games part 2, The 5th wave and I finished off with inside out - which is probably one of my favorite Disney movies of all times. And I got like 1h of sleep, laying down on my two seats. Not too bad, not too bad. 

Then I arrived and I got to my hostel safe and sound. Even though I didn't understands anything the woman at the desk said. My room is sooooo small. I has 2 bunk beds in it and about 1.5h of space to put bags and walk on. Haha I quite like it though. It's like how I would imagine a hostel in Asia. I have super nice woman from Germany in my room. She has literally travelled the whole world...

Then I left all my stuff and went for a little wander around. I ended up watching a little later show they have every night which was quite cool.

This morning is woke up quite shocked since we don't have a window or anything in the room, it's so dark and I slept till 8.30 (I always are up at 6 or so) and I was quite stressed since it felt like I lover slept (yea I'm on vacay) haha. But I packed my bags and got some Coffee from the hostel and got on a 2 h train and bus ride to this giant Buddha up on a big mountain. And it was so cool. I'm so glad I went. The weather was perfect too, since I fell heard it can be soo foggy out here. Then I walked around in the temple they had and they do soooo much burning that you almost get dizzy. It's cool though but it smells so much! Haha

Then I took the 2h ride back and vent to another temple which was called Ten thousands Buddha monastery , which was a long walk up surrounded by all these munks that looks scary, yes they are statues but they looked so real. And then I got up to the templ and it was literally 10 thousand Buddhas in there!!!

I hung around there for a while before I went back down and took the train back to the city. I'm so glad that they have some letters and not just their own signs. Otherwise I could never have travelled with a train.

Tonight I've went to the night market and looked around. Hong Kong is a really big city. They saw its like NYC, But I feel lik nyc have way more skyscrapers. Hong Kong is smaller in that way. It's very dirty too (NYC is very dirty too). And it's not quite as cheap as the rest of China I've heard but to me it's quite cheap actually.. Haha

All these are small Buddhas



It's time to say good bye.
I don't know what I'm feeling actually, it's very mixed. I just try not to think about it.
Yesterday Sofia and I just walked around, eating some frozen yoghurt. Then in the vending I met up with Malin, who is the girl I took the train with to the airport in Copenhagen. It been a journey and I'm so incredible glad I got to do this.

Today I walked over to Malins job to have a coffee and to say good bye, then I did some last minute shopping and soon I'm about to bye some food to have on my 9h flight to Hong Kong. I have to check out tomorrow morning at 4am and then my flight is at 7.30 am.
I won't have internet in Hong Kong so I'll try to update here when I get Wifi. Otherwise I'll walk to you all when I'm back in Sweden. Crazy....

The little house to the left was my home here in Sydney for a month, it felt weird to be back and walk the same streets I did towards work every day.



I'm on the night bus to Sydney now from Byron. 13h, woohoo. Can't believe I'm going back to Sydney. Where it all started... But to be honest, it doesn't feel like I've been gone for 7 months already. Time have flown way faster than my first 7 months in the us. But can feel like I'm done in Australia for now. I did not feel that after 7 months in the us.

Anyhow, Byron was a neat little place. Not a lot to do, but it was very chilled and relaxed. We have mostly been shopping and been hanging on the beach. Today though, I did a 3h walk. (At least) to the famous enough light house And also to the most eastern part of Australia. That was actually a really cool feeling! So it was about an walk uphill to the light house then another 45min to the point. And then the walk back. But it was soooo worth it. Gosh it was so darn beautiful!! If I knew that before I would have gone more times! I stayed at the beach closes to the most eastern part for about 3 house, before the tide came in and I had to start walking back.

Oh and the other night we went out to a place called Cheaky Monkey and we got a super yummy steak, a beer and a cider for only 7$ each! Such a bargain!! :D

Ant the other day we rent the bikes from the hostel and we were suppose to go to a place called the broken heads but the hills there were about 90 degrees and the bikes we had were so bad, so after an hour of biking we gave up and just hung at a beach we found.

This rocks are the most easterly part of Australia, sooo cool!



We are finally in Byron bay. Which is my last stop in the east coast trip before Sydney and my flight to Hong Kong and then home.. Waaah. Yes mixed feelings but let's just enjoy the last time here. Byron is a small little hippie town and it's very nice but sooo cold. Especially at night time. I can really tell that we are not in Queenstown anymore. It's still 24 degrees here but it's not humid at all and quite windy which makes it so cold.. And I really wanted to surf here in Byron but the water is freaking freezing. It's not nice... I might go paddle boarding instead or something...

Yesterday when we go here I rent a bike form the hostel since my feet hurt so badly... And we just cruised around the little town and then went home and made tacos and had ice cream for dinner.
Today we went back into the little town and did some shopping and then hung on the beach for a while. Then had some sushi in a park.
Tomorrow we are going to rent s bike again to go to a waterfall which is about 1.5h bike ride from here. Hopefully that will be nice. There isn't a lot to do here but it's very relaxing!



We have been in surfers paradise as well! Which is not a paradise for surfers. Haha quite ironic... But it was still very nice. Not a lot of do at all actually.. We just went shopping and hung on the beach and went out the skytower to watch the sunset the first night, although, the sunset was way better the second night but still... Haha

Our bus from Brisbane to Surfers was delayed 1.5 h... Woohoo

The cool thing about this city though is that it's literally right on the beach!

This is the sunset the second night... Quite a difference..

Oh yeah, and I got to bored in Surfers that I made this myself. I really wanted to have one but all the ones I could buy was 25 dollars which got was crazy. So I bought some yarn in a Japanese store and watched a YouTube video how to and just made it. I'm really happy how it turned out (yes I know. I'm such a kid) but I never had one as a kid and I wanted to have it before Byron Bay which is a small little hippie town.



Today we went to the Australian zoo and it was sooo cool. I really enjoyed it. There was so much about Steve and his family and his background and how to deal with crocs and everything. My favorite part was of course the crocs and the show and then also the tiger cubs! And the otters of course! Apparently, the otters are so underestimated, they are sooo smart - they can find way to find their treats in one minute while it would take about 30 min for a dog! These ones every knew tricks like Hugh five and waving at us!

The croc show was so cool since we got to see some awesome bird performances and also a bid that was 3METERS long!!!! It was Huge!! I couldn't really take picture of the birds since they move sooo fast... Haha

There were all kinds of cool animals from all over Australia. I knew australia had a lot of animals but not this many!!! Haha

We got to pet koalas and kangaroos too! That's always so fun and so exotic to me!

An albino Burma Python.... Gosh...



We arrived to Brisbane yesterday. We arrived too early so we couldn't check in so we went for a long walk and did some errands. Sofia got her screen fixed at the Apple Store. And while she did that I sat at the kids tables playing games on the iPad with other kids.. Haha I know I know... I'm silly but I love it.

Then we took the little ferry over to south bank and went into a Nepal peach temple which was nice and then we walked around a little more before going back to the hostel to make a salad (I was craving veggies!!!!) and had a beer. Then in the evening, we went for another long walk since we didn't want to go to bed, and we found a little festival that I really wanted to go into, but Sofia's feet was hurting so we didn't stay very long..

I really liked Brisbane, it's much better than Sydney and it reminds me a lot of Melbourne, with the river and everything.