Another hectic #medschoollife week came to an end last night with the Thank You party term 1 had to host for terms 2 and 3. Lol if you thought my hectic week was referring to deadlines, exams and midterms. We don’t roll with that here. It was vinyl themed so like 60s, 70s and 80s. We had to write songs and perform them in front of everybody again which was FUN. I however made the mistake of also joining the clean up crew. Partly because my friends did and partly because I don’t mind cleaning. Also, you get your money back for you ticket. But there I stood at 3 am on a Wednesday morning, a mop in my hand and my converse drenched in mud (we were inside so unclear why the floor looked like a plowed field) and it, for some reason, wasn’t as enjoyable as I had imagined. Especially bathroom clean up. What the fuck people?

To top it all off, someone came up with the idea that we shouldn’t get our money back; we should donate it to unicef…! Which like yeah, fine, that’s nice. But honestly can people just chill with the Good Samaritan crap. You’re standing here at 3 am scrubbing stranger’s vomit in a publicbathroom. You’ve already proved that you’re a great person. We get it. I want McDonalds and Ill even buy you a McChicken, just give me my 30 dollars. The party was however a success! Except for the fact that Team Norway sprained her ankle reeaaaaaaal bad when we were trying to carry a tub of wine into her basement somewhere between 3 and 4am this morning. Good thing we’re med students and know every enzyme in the Citric Acid cycle so we can solve problems like these.

In other news we had our froshleader photo-shoot #photogenic. I got the Andrology froshgroup, which for those of you who don’t know, is the male version of gynecology. Aka the "Science of Men." Intriguing. Will not be my specialty later on in life. Anyways, we had to take specialty-specific pictures for the frosh book as well as our social media accounts, which means that cardiologists pose with a one of those super cool replica heart things that schools have that cost a shit tone. Pediatrics pose with a baby (not real). Surgeons pose with a knife (?). And yours truly, has a picture with a penis. Its a urology study replica thing so theres tubes in the doll with water so all of a sudden it pees and its just great.. Super excited to get that one on Facebook. It’ll be a real life application to all those social media lectures you got in high school about thinking before you post pictures of yourself online. Excited for my future job prospects! Anyways, gunna go write an essay now about the importance of teamwork, wholesome perspectives and diversity in the medical field. Its super funny because the Inter-professional Learning course that the essay is for, is a course meant to break the barriers between healthcare students aka doctors, nurses, physio therapists etc so we can work together in the workplace later and “understand each others perspectives” without any hierarchies forming… only that so far the nurses literally do all the work and the med students have showed up late and hung over to 3 of the last 4 program sessions. Okay so it’s only funny if you’re a med student. Its fine. The class is pass/fail.