You are the Serena to my Blair

Me: Shirt H&M // Jeans H&M // Earrings here // Stilettos here // Bag Zara, Nanna: Dress H&M // Boots here // Bag Gucci

Hi loves!

So after a whole month, I'm back home in Copenhagen. It was quite hard for me to say goodbye to my boyfriend, since that was the longest time we had ever spent together. I had such an incredible time and I met so many inspiring people. Seriously I didn't wanted to go back. I cried twice. Just the thought of going home made me sad, since I really felt happy and at home there. But back to reality, I got to work so I can save up for the University in Milan. I talked to my educational advisor at NABA (Nuova Accademia di Belle Arti), he made me more calm when he told me that my chance for getting accepted there is bigger than what I expected. Win! Can't wait to move there.

From left: Carl, Axel, Khinier, Nanna, Philip and I

Btw Nanna came to visit me and Philip for a few days. It was her first time to come in Milan, actually in Italy. So it was fun for me to be her tour guide haha, since I have quite good knowledge of Milan now. We went to Duomo of course, so she could see the church, Galleria Vittorio Emanuele (as you can see above) and at last the museum 'Museo del Novecento' (which has free entrance for people under 25, yasss).

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''You know you love me,




Nanna Thomsen
Nanna Thomsen,

Awww girl <3 havde den bedste tur! er ret sikker på at der nok er en del af den slags turer i vente for os <3
Luv u <3
Også mig! Glæder mig til vores næste lille eventyr ❤️ luv u
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