When I was a small child, I grew up in a relatively poor family I spent a lot of time helping my mother around the house and with my two younger sisters. As I grew older, I began to fall behind in school - not because I couldn't understand or that I struggled with the course work but because I had a rougher up bringing and was often belittled by teachers and following the death of my father I was completely broken down and un-able to function well enough to succeed in my education.

Eventually, this lead to me leaving school now fast forward a few years, I am 20 years old and live out of home with my Partner and some friends. life seems to be going pretty well for me, but the only downside is - I cannot enter university with any ease at all, actually universities have made it rather difficult for people like me to gain entry. They have multiple programs for students like me, they offer year 12 to you, they offer certificates and diplomas. So, the decision is now; What is the most suitable pathway for me?