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Hello, hello.

How is everyone? We are doing great besides the runny noses and Noah's cough. Finally, it is just Noah and me and even though help is appreciated, it is so nice to be alone with just my little one. It really does make a big difference in our life because I can finally feel like the mother I am, and not feel like I have to adapt to anyone. We can get into our routines and live by our own rules and it feels wonderful to be a "real little family" and my own boss so to say. It is really difficult to be a feel like an actual parent when there are other people around putting opinions in your head all the time. I can breath and be myself. We all need that as parents, to make sure we put ourselves in the right priority if that makes sense? I've also noticed a huge difference in Noah as well. He is a lot more relaxed with just the two of us and I notice that new traits of his personality really shine through now. Noah has even started to like daycare more ever since his days there got longer even though he always cries when I drop him off. He's made friends that he's excited to see and waves goodbye to when I come to pick him up. Some days he doesn't even want to leave daycare haha. Work is still going well for me, and I am enjoying getting things done and being useful to the community, and I think it is good for my mental health to keep busy and stay distracted. I just wish I didn't have to be away from my little sweetie for so long during the day. Well, well, that is life I guess.

Oh my Noah, it is him and me, always. I get so mad at myself when I let other people think that they have any say in my parenting or how Noah should be raised. It tears me. I am going to work on standing up for myself, and realise that it is ok for me to tell people to back off, even if they get upset. That is a parents roll, to be the strong one. I am his mother, and I love doing it on my own. The only other person who is allowed to co-parent is his father, and that is just how it is. You and me, little man <3 my reason for living.



Stay strong girl! I really liked the thought when I became a single mother at first, just focus on me and her but now when I found the love of my life I can't wait to be a family that I've always dreamed about. I hate to be a single mother right now, but I loved it first. And I have only being SINGLE mother for maybe 10 month, but I was alone during my pregnancy and pretty much except weekends in two years when I lived with her idiot to father.

Live your life, feel free and breathe. Take care of you and Noah xo
Thank you for commenting, I am trying. I can relate to that. I've been a single mother from the start. Noah's father contacts us when it works for him and thats fine with me. What I meant was other people, grandparents and such that are so used to parenting that they seem to want to take over, it is really nice to be alone with my prince without anyone else around. But I'd love to fall in love again some day and start a family. Love your blog!
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