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Well at least we're here

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The title says it all, at least we're here, and at this very moment, here is in the middle of absolutely fucking nowhere that took FOREVER to find. We've been in Spain for less than a week, and it has already been a rollercoaster. We took off the night between last Saturday and Sunday, First off, the flight was two hours delayed, so we had a long wait around the airport but Noah handled it like a champ. The flight took four hours, more or less so we arrived at two in the morning. The plan was to stay at a hostel in Malaga and head for Marbella in the morning after breakfast, but because we arrived so late, I saw no point in staying at a hostel, so I just stayed at the airport for as long as possible, trying to get Noah to sleep. But I finally found a ride to Marbella, so we ended up waiting around at the main bus station until five in the morning. Up until today, we've been staying with an old friend; shout out to him for having the patience of dealing with us for so long, but I felt so bad for taking up so much of his personal space, so we've moved on to Estapona, and this is where we'll stay until Monday (I legit have not seen another person here since we arrived and we took a 1.5 hour stroll before) where I'll need to pick my head for a new idea.

Anyway, Noah has started his new school, and it has taken more on my emotions than I expected it to. Monday was his first day, and I stayed with him throughout the whole day, and we left before lunch. Tuesday, I was there in the morning with him, and he was in good spirits until another kid bit his hard in the stomach (almost a week later, he's still blue), but I left him there for three hours when lunch came around. Wednesday and Thursday I left him from morning until the afternoon, and I have to say, it has been hard. The first time I left him, Noah's father got a crying phone call from me, I felt so horrible for leaving such a scared, confused and sad Noah at a place he was dreading to go to. It is a really nice daycare with a fantastic staff, but he has really not wanted to go, and it cuts deep in me. Everyone says that he will get used to it and learn to love it, and man do I hope that is true because I honestly can't stand seeing him unhappy. Next week is going to be even tougher for him, because it will be my first official work week! Wohoo! I am getting pretty stoked to start working. It has been a while since I quit my last job so my fingers are starting to itch. I just want to start working, learning new skills, and getting to know new friends. Walking around like the a question mark all day is making me really restless. But soon I really hope everything works out.

Then there is the third issue; where we are going to live. I found a perfect apartment with a reasonable prize at the best location possible for us, but the owner is starting to change his mind about pretty much everything, so I had to keep looking. Today I found another great one, a beautiful apartment in a good area, but the prize is just slightly over my budget, but I figure it won't be impossible to swing it. So I am crossing my fingers, because Noah is getting confused with all this moving around, and is even asking me when are we going home. It tears my heart a little so I just can't wait to give him a nice home ASAP. Cross your fingers for us.

Well that is Spain so far,

Hows your week been?



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