Parenting in Spain, Sweden & Australia


Life, Noah

Good morning good people,

Noah and Tinii here, still in between going back and forth from Sweden and Spain. Right at this moment we are in Sweden, mostly because we had to come back for Midsummer celebrations and my birthday. That is correct, I am a year older now. 25, my mid-twenties and I am having great age anxiety. But there is not much I can do about it other than go with the flow. We celebrated by throwing a big party where we combined, midsummer, my sisters 30th and my 25th where all our family and many of our friends joined us. It was a day filled with many insane games, too many snaps and a lot of laughter. My actual birthday which was the day after was more lowkey where I drank champagne and suntanned at the beach, ate good food and finally went out for drinks in town. I think it is fair to say that it was a successful weekend. As for where we are going to spend our summer, well I am going to take some time here in Sweden to work, save money and reflect on my life decisions. Good news is that I think everything is about to fall in to place because I've started planning out what I am going to do next. However, I don't tell people my business too soon, no matter how well I may know a person mostly because of how easily effected I get by other peoples opinions on my life, and there are just somethings that I need to work out on my own. But do not worry. Once it all it official, I'll make a post announcement. Until then however, I'll keep looking for summer work, and find ways to make money on.

Today however, we are spending the day listening to Michael Jackson and remembering him for it has now been 10 years since his passing.

May you all have a wonderful day in this beautiful weather.



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