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The first last day of school

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An emotional wreck... that sums up how I am feeling this morning. It is only two days until the big move, and for the very first time am I worried to be moving abroad. I've relocated to places with a much further distance, and I've never felt this lump in my stomach that I'm feeling now. It is not the new country and the unfamiliar places, the language, or even the new job; that all excites me so much, that I don't really have time to feel much else about it. My main concern, is what's always my main concern; Noah. For the past three weeks, I've dropped Noah off at his school, and I've picked him up, and I've seen how good he has it there. Amazing teachers, and great friends. He's never unpleased or sad when I pick him up, and he always talks to me about what he's done during the day and who he's played with. Today I dropped him off for the last time there; and I watched him reach to his teacher and ask for his best friend. I left with my heart in my stomach. He loves it there, and even though I try talking to him about what is about to happen, he doesn't seem to understand.

We take off on Saturday, and Noah's first school day is on Monday. When we went there this summer to have a look, I thought it looked amazing. The teachers were unbelievably friendly and welcoming, the children looked happy, the food smelled incredible, and the entire place was just so cute, but I am still filled with worry. Children adjust better than adults most of the time, and I'm sure with time, he will grow to love it. But until then, I'm scared that Noah is going to be miserable :( It's a bilingual school, so they speak both English and Spanish, and Noah understands English completely, but he uses a lot of Swedish in his speech, and no one will be able to understand him when he will want to express himself, and I'm concerned that he will fall behind because of it. I take comfort in knowing that a lot of the time, children communicate by doing rather than speaking,

On the bright side, if everything works out then Noah will get to practice his english even more, learn a third language at the age of 2, make new friends, and build a second home. I'm crossing my fingers and praying to god that this will work out. Noah comes first, always, and as long as he's happy, then I'll be happy too!



what a nice blogg you have, good luck with the relocation. me and my family with 3 kids did the same 1 year ago, it has been though but so worth it!
such a nice and hapy picture
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