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Summer Time

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Who else is extremely happy about summer being here? I have been longing for this for so long, especially since last summer hardly had a single hot day at all. It was nothing but rainy and gray, it was horrible. But this year, is really good. It is only May and it has been 30 degrees over for several days now, if not weeks, and yesterday I read that it has not been this hot here in May since 1945. So my tan is on fleek, and when I am not working, I try spending as much time as possible in the outdoors, taking advantage of the sun.

Noah is loving it to, we go often to the harbor to look at boats, and he spends his time there looking for his "dada's boat". There is something very sweet and very sad about that, but he just seems to find it exciting. We've already had so many ice creams that we can't even count, and our daily dips in the ocean is a must.

Besides the amazing smell of sunscreen, I have always been very sceptical to it. My parents never used it on us, and I've always believed that it makes the skin more sensitive. I grew up in Singapore and spent a lot of my time in the sun, and never wore sunscreen, and my pigment is very good and I believe that has something to do with it. The only time I've given Noah any was in the middle of summer in Australia, because well, the sun is different there, and I did not want to take that risk. Noah came home from school the other day covered in an allergy rash that he'd gotten from the sunscreen that they'd placed on him in school, and with all those chemicals in those bottles, I'm surprised not more children react to it like that.

But no worries, there are plenty of natural and chemical free remedies to block the sun from burning you and your child for example carrot seed, raspberry seed and wheat germ. Perhaps it is worth a try?

What do you use for sunscreen? And what is your favourite thing about the summer time? Comment below!



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