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Sorry, sorry, sorry

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I know that it has literally been FOREVER since my last blog post, and there is no excuse for that other than the fact that we have not been feeling 100% and I've been working a lot. But from now on, I promise I'll do a lot better. More posts will be coming your way. It is Tuesday today, not the most exciting day of the week I'm afraid, but soon enough it'll be Wednesday which is a little bit closer to Friday so yay! Last weekend we were up a tiny bit further in this long country, visiting my youngest cousins. We spent the night, so we had a lot of time to catch up which was fabulous. We came home on Sunday, and already then, did Noah not seem completely himself. He was absolutely hysterical on the way back, so I decided to leave him home on Monday with my parents who are here now, while I was at work. Because he was still a bit tired and sneezy, I decided to leave him home with them today again. It was a long day for him to be away from me, because not only was I at work until 3, but after that I took the bus to the mall and went shopping for Christmas presents. It felt good to spend some time for myself, and get things done. Now I've bought most my presents, just another trip to town on the weekend and I should be set. I had some sushi, and looked around in my favourite shops. By the end of it, I was carrying so many bags, I could hardly hold them all with two hands. But I got home eventually to my sweet little boy who ran towards me with open arms as soon as I opened the door. I always love him welcoming me, but today, when I laid one hand on him, I felt how his skin was burning, and his entire face was completely red, almost swollen. So instantly I placed a special cream on him, and gave him nurofen. Noah has not let me out of his sight since I've come home which is understandable but with more than 39 degrees fever and painful cheeks, Noah has also been inconsolable. He's fallen asleep a couple of times, but awoken again after just a few minutes and has been equally sad every time. The only times I've been successful at calming him down has been the times where he's literally laid on top of me, which works until I have to get up and do things. We are now in bed and I've just gotten him to sleep again, and I am hoping he will stay asleep. My poor man is so miserable tonight and nothing seems to be cheering him up, and I can feel how hot he is so once again, there will be no school for Noah tomorrow. My poor baby. How I wish I could stay home with him and take care of my darling. If he is not better tomorrow, I may have to try some home remedies to make him better because clearly this pharmaceutical stuff is not helping! Any tips on natural remedies for a fever, sore skin and a runny nose?



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