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Roadtrip tomorrow

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Finally a holiday, something that is very much needed. I hate just sitting at home here, I am the happiest when I am out and about exploring new places. And tomorrow, Noah and I together with my parents are going on a road trip to Holland to visit my brother and his girlfriend. I am so extremely excited. I really hope Noah can stay calm for the most part on the way, but we'll see how it goes. I can't believe that half of this year has already gone by and I've only had one holiday. I need to do better for this next half that is on its way. I am not entirely sure whether or not I'll blog from Holland but if I don't, then I'll make a post about my trip once I get back. In the meantime however, I thought maybe you guys could take this time to ask me some questions and I'll make an individual post later on where I'll answer them. That way I'll have more to blog about. I also have some crazy news to share, but I think I'll leave you lovely readers hanging just a little longer before I announce it ;) But stay tuned.

Noah has really developed a sense of humour now. He spends all day trying to make the people in his surroundings laugh by chasing them, making funny faces or sounds and I am just obsessed with that little guy. He's amazing. The other day he kept pressing his face against the window to look like a piggy, I couldn't stop laughing, and I got some funny photos of it too-- check instagram-- but I did manage to get this cute picture of him as well. Little bubba, oh how I love you!



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