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Patella Luxation


2008, I was 13, and had just come back to school from winter break. In gym class, we were all playing basketball. The athlete in me wanted to make every score, which I can't remember if I did, but I do remember one because straight after, I fell on the ground and my right kneecap was about six centimetres out of its ordinary place. I ended up going to the hospital and everything else is blurry in my memory. For over a year after the traumatic event, my knee kept dislocating at random times, and I got so used to it. My joints in my knee were so damaged that in September, 2009, I had surgery. I was hospitalised for about two weeks and spent many months on crutches. It was a long road to recovery and my four scars on my knee remind me everyday of my strength. Still until this day if I overstrain my knee, it can hurt and I can have trouble using it for an entire day but compare to how it used to be, I feel like Usain Bolt haha! I was coming to peace with it, it was ok. I was fine with living that way. Until it happened, the thing that was not suppose to happen, something I've dreaded for years to come, my left knee dislocated.

It started in Australia. My knee would jump out for a few seconds and then back in. It would hurt and I would stay off it for about a day to stay on the safe side. It wasn't more damage than that, and not very difficult to live with, because it did not happen too often, and I was hoping with enough exercise, it would not get worse than that, and on some level, that is what I believed, until late last night. I was up watching a movie with my sister and dad. Noah and my mother had both gone to bed. Suddenly Noah wakes up and starts crying, so I go in to calm him down. I remember picking him up, and then suddenly he was on the floor, screaming like crazy and I was down with him, screaming equally loud. My dad, my mum and my sister rushed in and helped us both to bed, it was tough getting through the night with the intense pain shooting in my leg. Today I've been able to walk, but just barely, very slowly and with every tenth step I take, it has felt like my knee is about to pop out again. I went to the doctors, who told me that I must go to a physiotherapist and hope that they can build up my joints in my knee otherwise there is a pretty big chance that I'll need surgery on that knee as well. She has given me medication and strict bedrest for the rest of the week as well. My arm is also in bad shape today, I assume that I bumped it when I fell last night since it is completely blue and swollen in two places. Right now I am just praying that everything will heal the way it should, that the physiotherapy will work out well and that I can live my life strong!



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