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Our 2018

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Did you fall in love this year?

More and more with myself than I have in a long time :)

Did you do something you have never done before?

Auditioned for an acting school, received a scholarship to an acting school, moved to Spain, started working with telemarketing

What did you miss this year?

I missed travelling and certain friends and family I've not seen enough.

Did new people make an impact in your life?

Absolutely, I've made a lot of new friends this year

The best memory this year?

My trip to London, my trip to Spain, nights out with friends, Noah's birthday.

Best movie of the year?

The Nun, A Star is Born

Best tv show of the year?

This is us!!!!!!

Which song will remind you of year 2018?

Still- Seinabo Sey

Shallow- Lady Gaga, Bradley Cooper

Good Old Days- Macklemore

Biggest mistake of the year?

Not going to New York for the summer when I was given such an amazing opportunity

Vacations you went on this year?

London. Stockholm, Spain. Sweden

Were you happier this year than the previous years?

I've been working on it a lot this year; but most days, I have been happy and somedays I've struggled a lot.

Dates that you will remember?

31st of March, 14th of April, the whole month of September

Any goals you wish to achieve in year 2018?

Work as hard as I can, keep taking risks, keep working on myself, get to know more "local" and international people in Spain outside of the office and keep my head up for Noah no matter what comes in our way



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