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My boy!

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Can I just take a moment to brag about my amazing son? He is just so wonderful and I am overwhelmed with my love for him. For the past few days he has been getting more and more on his feet and is now WALKING!!!! YEEESSSS!!!! FINALLY!!!!!! Lord, have I waited for this. And he loves it. He gets so excited, thats it looks like he is almost trying to run and then claps his hands because he knows he is doing a good job. He is just so adorable, I can't even deal. He is just getting so big, more like a child than a baby now. He is even getting a bit chubby... hehe. Love it <3 Baby fat is just too cute. He understands a lot that I say to him such as sit down, splash, smoochy (kiss), bye bye and much more. And he loves it more than anything when I read for him, and every time I finish reading a book for him, he gets upset that its done haha, so I've actually started hiding the books from him otherwise we'd do nothing but read! Haha. Already at one years old does he have both a sense of humour and a strong opinion. He gets mad when he doesn't get what he wants and when things don't work out, but he spends most of his days trying to make me laugh by making funny faces, playing peek-a-boo, stand in funny positions and chase after me. I am just the luckiest person in the whole world to have such an amazing son and I would do anything for that kid. He is my everything <3



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