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Whaaaat a day. I am so exhausted, I hardly have the energy to get up from this couch. Tomorrow Noah is back in school after almost a month of Christmas vacation. so I wanted to take him to do something fun, so we went swimming at a pool house. It was energy consuming but a lot of fun. Noah was having the time of his life and I loved watching him enjoy himself so much. When we first got there, Noah was terrified and couldn't stop crying and when we first got in the water, he refused to let go of me, but after some time, he was laughing and splashing around. It was adorable.

Lately I've been trying to remember a time before motherhood, and honestly, my past self wants to apologise to every parent out there for ever complaining about being tired, because nothing tires one out like motherhood. "Being a mom is not even a real job", no actually, it is several jobs, it is a chef, a cleaner, an entertainer, a nurse, a teacher, a planner, a story teller, a life coach, a crafter, it is all jobs in one, with no pay, just an extreme amount of unconditional love. "Is it really that tough?"; (yes, I have actually been asked this... I know right *eye roll*), try breastfeeding, while cooking dinner, in the same pair of jeans you've worn all week, not showered in several days, and can't remember the last time you'd had a decent sleep, all at once... yes, it is hard work, so going swimming with my kid for an entire day, does drain me. But even so, it is incredible, because it is worth it and I don't ever complain about it, or ever feel the need to give up, even on the verge of crying... because that is what I call "mom life".

No make up, no sleep. A picture of motherhood in a nutshell.



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