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It's all good

Good evening lovely readers, long time no see. I've been meaning to update the blog for a while, but I've been such a busy bee, I did not find the time. A lot has happened, and today, at this very moment, I feel so extremely liberated and simply happy.

We had a tough start here in Spain; Noah felt uncomfortable in his new school, we did not have a home, and work started off slow, but things are turning around for the better. Noah has now been to school for three weeks, and he has finally started to relax; he doesn't cry anymore when I drop him off, and they always tell me he's been very happy all day when I pick him up. He eats well there, and he sleeps long hours which I take as a sign of comfort. I've now been at the new job for two weeks, and up until just a few hours ago, I felt like I was never going to make it there. Everyone around me was making a sell after sell after sell, and I was just sitting there, trying to do the same, but failed each time. I've been so close, several times a day, and then I only ended up hearing that big fat NO that nobody ever wants to hear... until today. I've been walking around all day with a slight hangover, a bad headache, and a painful back, and I seriously just wanted to give up. I kept thinking "if I haven't made it the other days, I'll for sure not make it today!" but ten minutes before we ended for the day. I just thought, fuck it, I am not going to spend my weekend feeling like that again, a failure. So I took the phone call, and I pushed and pushed the customer until I finally did it. I made a sale. I worked overtime and it was so worth it. It felt great to finally get there after all week of trying so hard. I think that's the happiest I've been since I gave birth... just kidding, but I got very happy. So I picked up Noah from school, and we celebrated by going to eat tapas.

And as for our living arrangements, we finally moved into an apartment a week ago exactly, and I love it. We have two bedrooms, two floors and three balconies, so Noah has finally started sleeping in his own bed. It has been three nights in a row now, and he's slept in there until about 4 o'clock, then he comes over to my bed, but its going really well. I can tell he's starting to feel comfortable here, and that he's equally relieved as I am to finally have gotten a home.

Now we are going to spend whats left of this Friday, and watch some TV and cuddle before going to bed. Tomorrow we are going to have a long sleep in; I can't wait! Good night all. I'll blog soon again <3 If there is anything in particular you want me to blog about, write a comment below xx



super fint inlägg ochblogg du har! kika gärna in på min. kram kram
I'm so happy that both you and your boy have started to settle into your new living situation. Congratulations to the success at your job! You have a well deserved weekend ahead of you! 😊
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