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It was a merry Christmas after all

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I hope everybody’s had a very merry Christmas filled with lots of love and special gifts. I can’t believe how fast it has all gone by, and in just day’s from now, we’ll be welcoming 2020. This is the first time since I was like 18, if not even younger, that I am actually excited for New Years and I intend to celebrate it in the best way possible. The only negative thing is that I won’t be having Noah with me to bring in the new year. I’m going to a party which is not the most suitable for children so he’ll be off visiting my cousins. But we will both be having so much fun anyway, and I’ll just have to save my million kisses for when we are both back home.

Our Christmas this year, is one I’ll never forget. Just days before our family was struck by an unexpected loss, so our hearts have been heavy. My siblings came from their countries and stayed for a week or two, but they all left yesterday, but it was nice to be reunited and together for Christmas. Christmas Eve, the day started with Santa ringing on the door bell with gifts for Noah, and he was so extremely excited. He was jumping up and down, hugging him, and sitting on his lap. Shortly after he left, my grandmother joined us and we watched Kalle Anka, just like every other Swede in the world that watches it at 3 o’clock on Christmas Eve, am I right? Shortly after that we ate Christmas dinner before opening the gifts from under the tree and played games. The following days, we met more relatives to celebrate with, I went to a party to an old friend one night, and my siblings and I went to an escape room as a gift to one another.

Now Christmas is over and my siblings have left. The heavy feeling off loss is getting easier to live with each day, and I am just so excited to say bye to 2019!

How was your Christmas?



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