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Hello lovely readers!

Did you know that 95% of the worlds population has an unbalance in their everyday diet? What am I talking about? Well I am talking about omega 3 and omega 6. The human body is suppose to have a balance of a 1:2 ratio, but today the food we eat is filled with so much omega 6 and so little omega 3 that we instead have a ratio of 1:15 in Europe and 1:25 in the United States. Why is that a negative thing you ask? Well for one omega 6 gives the human body infections, which is a good thing because we can then feel when we have pain, but too much infections causes sickness and diseases. Omega 3 often surpasses the effects of omega 6.

I never actually thought I had such an issue with it because I eat a lot of fish, which is filled with omega 3 but because there is so much omega 6 in everything else, it does not actually even it out. This shocked me, and I felt quickly that I needed to change my diet. I'm a lover of food and love tasting different things, so instead I joined the very successful health business called Zinzino that sells Omega 3. I've started taking it myself and I am so excited to find out how my balance will change with this oil. I encourage everyone to get healthier and find the correct balance between omega 3 and omega 6!! Contact me on for a meeting to find out more!



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