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So, so, so sorry for my lack of blogging lately. I've started many posts but I just never finished them, they either weren't written well enough, or the topic wasn't interesting enough. The past few weeks have been pretty hectic. A friend of mine moved in with me to do a project about mine and Noah's life, which is really exciting, she makes me look so photogenic haha Love it! I've also started a new project that has been keeping me busy, but what it is, I am not ready to come forward with yet, but stay tuned. More information is coming... On a less fun note, I got hit with the tonsillitis virus. It was awful. I couldn't speak, or swallow anything, any food I put in my mouth tasted like fungus. It was honestly horrible. I had a high fever and literally just felt like shit. I was surprised Noah didn't get it. He did however get a fever and runny nose not long after. Besides our whiskey voices, we are feeling as good as new. I've been back to work since, and Noah has been to school. Our main focus right now though, is getting away. We have been planning forever to take a trip, go on a much needed vacation but our plans have changed a number of times and I am BEYOND frustrated over this. I honestly just want everything booked and done with, so we can hop on the plane. Right now it stands between either a month with Noah's father in Australia, or two weeks just the two of us in Egypt. I'll know by Friday when I can finally book everything. But for now, I am going to spend time with Noah in the same four walls I'm growing so sick to look at (not at all in a foul mood haha).

I hope everyone has a splendid week x

Haha these photos make me laugh :-*



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