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I'm a pineapple

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Good morning dear readers. It has been a few weeks, but with the amazing weather we've been having, I haven't really been tempted to sit infront of my computer to write. Today is the first day that I see rain in God knows how long, and it is actually pretty soothing. We have a big week ahead. Today we're moving into Malmö for the week into my best friends apartment. It is going to be awesome to get away and stay in the big city with someone so close to me, it feels very needed indeed. Then on Saturday I'm having a bon voyage brunch with some good friends, just so I get the chance to see everyone before we take off to Spain. It is just about a bit more than a month left before we leave, and the nerves are starting to kick in. As excited as I am, I can't help those unwelcome thoughts and worries where I keep thinking, "am I crazy?" or "are we going to be ok?" but then I kick those thoughts out of my head by thinking, that of course we are. I can do anything, and I will make it work! And am I crazy? Sure, I am. But how boring would life be otherwise? There is one thing I keep hearing lately when I tell people about my plans of relocating to Spain alone with my two year old son, and that is that I am very brave. To be honest, those words make me feel self-conscious at first, but I've decided to take them as a compliment. I am going to be brave, and be proud of that. I'm going to stand tall, work hard, create a life and a home that we both deserve and be kind. This is the start of our new adventure. This is when we start living, this is how I am going to be brave! I'm going to be a pineapple!



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